Our Menu

Vegan (V) & Gluten Free (GF) options often available. Look out for the symbols.

please tell us when ordering about any food intolerances or allergies.

At Belle Vue, we pride ourselves on using artisanal, short supply chain ingredients from the marvellous network of talented bakers, makers and creators from our markets.

Clare’s Homebakes is based in Newport and produces all our brownies and blondies.

Dot’s Sweet Bakery supplies us with those famous iced slices and Victoria sponge amongst other traditional bakes.

Wigmores of Monmouth provide us with cakes and rolls whilst Newport’s Acorns bakery deliver freshly baked giant tea cakes and sub rolls.

We make our own bara brith and sometimes welsh cakes.

In terms of savoury fayre, we are fortunate to have vegan and meaty pies from Mr Nice Pie and Iona’s Kitchen, both artisan makers; the latter using local farm meats so the ingredients have a local source to them. We make all our own soups and quiches and are always experimenting.

We are keen to reduce plastic use and have almost eradicated the use of supplies and foodstuffs which incorporate palm oil. We are reducing down fish options because of the unsustainable method of fishing. This doesn’t reduce our overall choice or taste.

GF and Vegan options are usually available and are indicated in brackets (GF) (V)

Breakfast & brunch

9.00am – 12.00pm

Belle Vue Breakfast

Two slices of bacon, fried or scrambled egg, tomato, mushrooms and sausage served with brown or white toast and butter. (V) (GF)


Breakfast Roll

Two slices of bacon, sausage, tomato and egg crammed into a large bap or Vienna roll.


Belle Vue Burrito

Warmed tortilla wrap laced with hot or sweet chilli sauce and chorizo slices on a bed of mature cheddar cheese topped with bacon and sausage.


Bacon Bap

Three slices of bacon served hot in a fluffy roll and choice of ketchup or brown sauce. (GF)


Sausage Bap

Two medium or one large pork sausage served hot in a fluffy roll and choice of ketchup or brown sauce. (GF)


Stacked Pancakes

Three fluffy hot pancakes piled with toppings:

  • Maple syrup and bacon OR
  • Fruit compote and natural yogurt (V)



Two medium crumpets served with butter. (GF)



Two slices of chunky brown or white bloomer, lightly toasted
and served with butter. (V) (GF)


Toasted Teacakes

A lightly toasted locally made fruit teacake served with butter.


Add a portion of jam or Marmite



12.00noon – 2.30pm

Quiches and Pies

Our artisan or homemade pies and quiches are served hot with a garnish of mixed salad leaves and homemade salsa. (V) 


Hearty Warming Soup

To keep away those winter chills, we have a delicious range of eight homemade soups. At least one choice every day served with a rustic bread roll, butter and pot of croutons. (V) (GF)


Baked Potatoes in Jackets

A generously proportioned baked potato served with salad garnish
with a choice of up to 2 fillings (V) (GF):
* Cheese * Coleslaw * Tuna * Baked Beans * Chopped Onion (beef or bean chilli as a special when indicated on the board)


Belle Vue Toasties

A chunky bloomer toastie served with a salad garnish with a choice of up to 2 fillings (V) (GF):
Cheese * Coleslaw * Tuna * Gammon Ham * Tomatoes * Onions


Add another filling to your sandwiches, toasties and jackets for 75p

Served All Day

9.00am – 4.00pm

Toasted Teacakes

A lightly toasted locally made fruit teacake served with butter


Round Cakes

A delicious selection of homemade and bakery
cakes (V) (GF)


Dot’s Iced Slices

These amazing squares of yummy are delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays



Our gorgeous selection of local traybakes is supplied by Clare’s Home Bakes (V) (GF)


Bara Brith

A chunky slice of homemade fruit-laden bara brith finished
with a delicious sticky glaze (V) (GF)



Freshly made from chunky bloomer bread and up to 2 fillings served with leaves and salsa (V) (GF)


Drinks Menu


Small / Medium / Large

£2.00 / £2.20 / £2.50

Cappuccino, Latte

Small / Medium / Large

£2.40 / £2.50 / £2.80


Small / Medium / Large

£2.50 / £3.00 / £3.20

Flat White




Single / Double

£1.60 / £2.00


Spiced, Vanilla, Beetroot, Turmeric / Medium


Add a shot of syrup, cream or marshmallows 35p
Alt. milk (Soya, Almond, Oat, Coconut) 50p

House Tea

Takeaway / Small /
Medium / Large


Speciality Teas

Takeaway / Small /
Medium / Large

£2.50 / £2.50 / £2.50


Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, Strawberry with cream


Made with dairy or vegan ice cream and farm or alternative milks


Mango/Kale, Red Berries or Exotic fruits – all fruit smoothies and juice (V) (GF)